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We make easy and simple! 
Our Process in 4 steps

Our hassle-free and straightforward process to help you get started with your business.

1st Step - Select the service you require from our wide range of options, whether it is consulting or establishing a new business entity. Once you have decided, proceed to the next step.

2nd Step -Make the initial payment of $495 to get your name verified and secure for your LLC to be registered. This process will help protect your personal assets, give you credibility with customers and partners, and enhance your business reputation.

3rd Step - Register for the 3-day 25 class, which is required by the state. The course offers you an excellent opportunity to learn about various business aspects, and it is available during daytime, evening, and Spanish options. Choose what works best for you and take a step closer to making your dreams a reality.

4th Step - Ensure that you get your application ready, and all the necessary documents completed before applying for the state contractor's license. This license will help you run your business with authority, confidence, and meet state regulations. You will need to pay a license fee of $461, to start the application process, we are happy to assist you through the process.

In conclusion, our process is simple, quick, and efficient. You can rest easy knowing that our experts will help guide you through each step. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll be delighted to assist you. Start today and watch your business grow.

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Below you'll see a list. 

• Consulting Services

• Company Setup

• 3-day 25 Hour Class Registration

• Contractors License Application Filing

• 1 on 1 Process Presentation

• Taxes

• Contractors Web Design (Your Business Website)

• EIN Application with IRS
• General Contractors Marketing - Learn to market GC to obtain new projects on new development sites.

• Consumer Marketing - Learn to contact homeowners for new home improvement.

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